I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.
So, week one of being back at home as a wife. I think I've earned some wife points over the past couple of days you guys. I mean, I deserve something shiny.  No, not a diamond...I want this bad boy.

I dream about this bad boy at night.  So much so, that maybe Andrew should be jealous?  Anyway!

I went grocery shopping whilst Andrew slept in very late one day.  He needed food for his lunches at work.  That was wife point number 1.

Number 2 is something that would make your tastebuds tittle.  Is that a word?  It is now!

That is right ladies and gentleman! I made my first ever homemade chili and cornbread.  It was a hit! Andrew called me before work one afternoon to praise it, actually!  I was told to keep that recipe :) Will do, hubby!

Wife point number 3....I cleaned the entire kitchen and all the dirty dishes that have accumulated this week. That's not even the best part.  I did this RIGHT after I got my nails done.  Love, I tell you.  Makes you do crazy things!

Wife point 4! I am cleaning all of Andrew's dirty work clothes.

Yah, his nasty bleach smelling clothes. That's how much I like him.  I think after I wash, dry and fold them, I will place them on his side of the bed for him to bask in their glory.

Yup, this wife thing isn't so bad! ;)  What do we think Andrew is planning on doing? :)

I kid.  Andrew has been incredibly thoughtful over the past two weeks.  He is acting as a husband should and I am loving every minute of it!
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