I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.
So, week one of being back at home as a wife. I think I've earned some wife points over the past couple of days you guys. I mean, I deserve something shiny.  No, not a diamond...I want this bad boy.

I dream about this bad boy at night.  So much so, that maybe Andrew should be jealous?  Anyway!

I went grocery shopping whilst Andrew slept in very late one day.  He needed food for his lunches at work.  That was wife point number 1.

Number 2 is something that would make your tastebuds tittle.  Is that a word?  It is now!

That is right ladies and gentleman! I made my first ever homemade chili and cornbread.  It was a hit! Andrew called me before work one afternoon to praise it, actually!  I was told to keep that recipe :) Will do, hubby!

Wife point number 3....I cleaned the entire kitchen and all the dirty dishes that have accumulated this week. That's not even the best part.  I did this RIGHT after I got my nails done.  Love, I tell you.  Makes you do crazy things!

Wife point 4! I am cleaning all of Andrew's dirty work clothes.

Yah, his nasty bleach smelling clothes. That's how much I like him.  I think after I wash, dry and fold them, I will place them on his side of the bed for him to bask in their glory.

Yup, this wife thing isn't so bad! ;)  What do we think Andrew is planning on doing? :)

I kid.  Andrew has been incredibly thoughtful over the past two weeks.  He is acting as a husband should and I am loving every minute of it!
Since there are really no pictures from the wedding yet (and don't expect many before Dec. 19th when the professional pictures should pop up!) I figured I could at least do a Honeymoon post! Yippee!

To me, the Honeymoon, which I will refer to as HM, started the second we entered the car at the end of the ceremony. We'll begin there!

Andrew and I stuffed ourselves into the backseat filled with balloons.  Remind me to thank you Allie, Michelle, Jeff and Jeff!!!  Jeff, my brother, was nice enough to drive us to our hotel for the night.  Okay, this might be too much information but I figure most people reading this will be close friends and family...so here goes! If you know me, I always, and I mean ALWAYS have to poo at really inappropriate times. For example, riding up Hwy 288 in a really ghetto area all dressed up.  Yup, it happened.  Jeff reluctantly pulled over and quickly told me that he wasn't letting me out the car at THAT gas station. Uh-oh.  We crossed the highway to a Church's Chicken place and when Andrew and I scurried up to the door it was closed. CLOSED. Yah, really.  At this point, the feeling passed so we were able to move on towards the hotel. Is everyone still following? :)

Andrew and I stayed at the Marriott at the airport for easy access to our flight at 10 the next morning.

  We checked in and were immediately told that there were about 6 other newlyweds in the place that night and it was some sort of record. We didn't receive any gifts or conselation prizes, so I guess it wasn't THAT big a deal, right? First thing we did when we got up to the room was order room service!

 Andrew's hollow leg must have kicked in since he ate a whole plate of food and ice cream at the reception and I had about 3 bites of food. Oh well. I am just jealous. :) We ate, showered and tried our best to fall asleep since we were so excited about the next morning! We slept a good 4 hours and awoke before the alarm went off.  Told you we were excited!

Jumped out of bed at 6:40 and got dressed and lugged our stuff down to the lobby to shuttle over to the E Terminal. We walked into the terminal and were both immediately overwhelmed.  Neither of us had flown in a while and there were a LOT of people. We got in line to check in, got our tickets and went through security.  Why must everyone take their shoes off? I didn't realize that keeping drugs or weapons in your shoes was that popular.  I know, shame we aren't up to date on the latest buzz! We were hungry, so decided to grab some breakfast. That turned into lunch really.  Chinese isn't exactly breakfast, right? :)  Then we hit up a little shop for 2 magazines, a deck of cards, Red Hots and a water. Damage: $33.99!?! Wow. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, we went to our gate and made a few last minute calls. We boarded our plane on time, Sky Mall'd it before take off and generally did things married couples do.  Andrew watched a movie with headphones on and I read a book and my cooking magazine.  Pretty thrilling! After 2 hours and 55 minutes we disembarked the plane in Montego Bay Jamaica! A few customs and security lines later, we were at our little "Couples" nook enjoying free Red Stripe and waiting for our bus.  We boarded our bus and gripped the seats in front of us the entire 1.5 hr ride.  Apparently oncoming traffic likes to pass under ANY circumstance.  No matter how far away oncoming traffic may be.  I praised the Lord a few times during this ride. When we SAFELY arrived at Couples San Souci, we were greeted with champagne. We checked in, went to our room, unpacked and walked down to the beach to eat at the beach front grill. MMMM! We had a few drinks at the bar and headed to bed.

11-9-09 Monday
We woke up 7:30am (6:30am Houston time) and threw one our bathing suits with a cover-up and headed to the open-air breakfast buffet. After a rather delectable breakfast, we headed back to our suite to lather up with sunscreen and headed to the beach.  We noticed a "Champagne Cruise" sign on the water sports hut.  An hour later, we headed out on our cruise.

 We got to drink a bottle of champagne and cruise along Jamaica's shoreline for a tour.  At one point we got to stop and jump in the middle of the ocean where I quickly thought of sharks and didn't last TOO long. Haha! Once back ashore, we headed to the beach bar where I discovered my favorite drink of the trip...."Paradise".

Very fitting! We headed to the main lobby for a resort orientation which lasted about an hour and we learned a lot and went back to both the pool and beach for more drinks.  Hey, it's all-inclusive people! That night, we had dinner on the beach again.  So spoiled, I tell you! More drinks that night before bedtime!

11-10-09 Tuesday
Headed out for the breakfast buffet bright and early again.  At 9:45am, we were shuttled over to Dunns River Falls where we climbed 980-some-odd feet directly up a waterfall.  I will let the pictures do the talking!

 We were very intimidated at first, to say the least but quickly loosened up and had fun! We got back to the hotel around 1pm and immediately had lunch at the themed buffet.  I think this first day was Chinese.  We re-lathered up and headed to the beach, with more drinks of course! ;)  This was our first "reservation" dinner.  It was casual dress code and Andrew had a hunk of meat (surprise!) and I had spinach and feta crepes.  Yummmm! We shared a dessert...something the equivalent to "death by chocolate!" It was great, of course! I had a glass of wine before dinner was over and then we headed over to the beach bar for the remainder of the evening to people watch and then headed to bed!

To be continued.....