I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.
For Christmas, my awesome husband got me a Beginners Singer Sewing machine.

 All I have to say is, if this is a beginners machine, I don't want to see a more advanced one for a loooong time! It took me two and a half hours to thread the bobbin and the needle through the machine.  Bobbin was easy. Threading the top of the machine down to the needle, not so easy.  There was this step I couldn't get past.  I tried and tried and tried. Cursed myself, cursed myself, cursed myself. What was I thinking!? I've never sewn before in my life.  By God, I was determined to finish my first "EASY" project.

After threading the machine, it was 10:30PM.  Please keep in mind, I am usually in bed by 10PM at the latest.  I pondered going to bed, then decided that if I didn't finish this project now, I would probably put it off.  So, a sewin' I went!

So, here is what I was trying to make.  A coffee coozie.  Looks simple enough, right?

                                                                  Courtesy of http://oursoftspottoland.blogspot.com

Wrong! I should have known this would be a disaster.

Actually, to be quite honest with you, the only thing that really went wrong, is the hook (hair elastic) that I originally had sewn onto the outer fabric didn't (SOMEHOW) get flipped out to the outer portion when I had sewn all the edges and went to turn the fabric right side out.  All in all, I suppose, it didn't turn out TOO bad.  Right?

Don't let this fool you.  There were many times that I had sewn the seam right off the pattern.  Oh yah.  Thank goodness for seam rippers, right? :)

My first thought when I pulled this off the machine at 11:45PM was....

Yah, I'm pretty much awesome. To be totally honest, my coffee coozie looks more like a huge pad.  Otherwise known as a "Sanitary Napkin." I had to add that in there so my mom wouldn't faint from her daughter using the incorrect term.  Shame on me. So, if anyone wants to go more "GREEN" (not the color, the act of using less, etc.) let me know.  Apparently I am stellar at sewing pads.  Oh! AND, they have a really absorbent core! There is felt inside :) Just wash and.... Okay, I crossed the line.

After having a laughing fit about my stellar project completion, I decided maybe Bailey could play with it. His reaction???

Yah, he just stared at me. He didn't know what to do with it either.  **SIGH**


I showed this to my mom and she said she thought it was great for my first sewing project. Only a loving mother would say that to her DIY failure daughter.  :) Love you, mom!

But really, if that hook of rubberband would have been on the outside, all I would have had to do was sew a button on.  So, I guess in the grand scheme of things...not too bad, right?

**rolls eyes**

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Nice! Maybe I can borrow it next month...

  2. Allison Says:

    Steph, I think you're onto something! I would pay extra money for a funky-fun designed pad/tampon. Vaginas have style too!

  3. Allie, you made my laugh out loud at my desk! I think people think I am crazy now ;) Who am I kidding... I am! :)

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