I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.
After work yesterday Katheryn and I went to the 24 Hr. Fitness by work and had a nice workout! I was glad to have someone to work out with. 

I went home afterwards and there was still at least an hour of sunshine left, so I decided to plant some seeds on biodegradeable pots! These pots can be placed directly into the ground and will biodegrade. Neat!

There is eat of them and by God, if something doesn't sprout.... Well, actually! one of them was labeled "Guaranteed to Grow!" Not that I could actually return them... but you know what I'm sayin'! I am excited to see what happens!

Also, last birthday, a few co-workers got me this little yellow rose plant.  Seriously thought it would die within weeks.  Nope... it made it through the winter, all the freezes and everything.  It never turned brown.  It just lost some of it's luster, but here it was this morning bright and early.  See all the new growth?

Pretty excited!

More to come!

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  1. Hi Stephanie! Would you please email me about the Mirra giveaway? I got a weird email from the people at Mirra and now I'm concerned as to whether or not you got your box of goodies...


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