I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.

Bailey had a rough weekend.

We've been having some behavior issues with Bubba for the past few months and the past couple of weeks have been very trying in our household. His whole attitude has changed.  He NEVER wants to be out of his cage, he barely eats or drinks (in fact, for 2 days, he did absolutely NO eating or drinking), is slightly aggressive towards Andrew and I and just shakes and whines.  It's really heart breaking, to be completely honest. I know he's not a child or anything but he's MY child since we don't have any children and to not know what is going on with him is really disheartening. 

Once he started not eating or drinking, I immediately took him to the vet.  Everything physically checks out. Labs are fine, no broken bones or herniated disks, etc! The vet said we could TRY and see if neutering will do anything to change his behavior.  He also said he didn't have much hope that neutering would solve the problem, but that it was worth a try. He said we would try this and then if it doesn't work, but Bailey on Prozac. Seriously? I've seen what Prozac can do to Humans! There is no way I am putting my puppy on that! I will try everything else out there before I would ever do that!

It was like overnight he went from happy, playful, full of life puppy to depressed as heck puppy. Wow. It is a really hard pill for me to swallow!

Friday we got Bailey neutered and some dental work done. It's been really pathetic around our household the past 72 hours. Lots of sleeping...Bailey, not us! and laying around. I took some pics (and videos, but thought I should spare you guys my mommy obsessive videos!) and thought I would share with you guys!

Here is Bailey a few hours post surgery.  Doesn't he look happy?

Here he is later that night laying on top of Andrew on the couch.

They didn't send Bailey home with an E-collar so on Saturday morning, FIRST THING, we went back to get some different pain meds since he was moaning most of the night and get an E-Collar. Here he is sporting that oh-so-fashionable E-Collar!

Both Friday and Saturday nights, Andrew and I slept on the floor in the living room to keep Bubba away from his stitches.  The E-Collar wasn't long enough PLUS it was a really flimsy fabric. We layed down an old comforter on the ground, covered that with a sleeping bag and we were good to go!  I woke up Sunday to this. Seriously. I swear to you this was not staged!

Andrew can sure act like a tough man, but now we all know his deep dark secret! ;-)

Everytime I see this pic, it makes my heart melt! They were OUT!

Sunday, we all took a field trip to PetSmart to get Bailey some more soft food and a new/modern E-Collar.  It's inflatable and allows them a greater field of vision, is easier for him to eat with and sure gives Andrew and I some good laughs. It looks like he's ready for a summer swim with a floatie on!

Bailey seemed much more himself on Sunday. We even had to calm him down a few times when he was getting to worked up.  He's not allowed to run/jump for 7-10 days. Right.  These people have never met my dog!

This morning, however, Bailey vomited multiple times and appeared to be in great pain.  I tried to get him to eat since he has to take his meds with a full belly, but that was not happening. I did what I could, I left a full food bowl and some treats on the ground and fed him his meds. 

Hopefully Bailey is back to his happy go lucky self soon.  I miss that pup!
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  1. Lara Says:

    Has he been pooping normally? Do you think maybe he has an obstructed bowel? I hate that he is not feeling better...

  2. Steph O'D Says:

    I don't think so. My best guess is that he got into something... I just spoke with Andrew before he left for work and he said Bailey ate a few bites of food and drank all the water. That's a small improvement!

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