I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance; a scene filled with flowers and friends. I asked him what kind of wedding he wished for; he said one that would make me his wife.
What is it with me?  I am so gung-ho about this blog and then all of a sudden I disappear.  Strange.

I suppose I can update you guys in some pics!

Two weekends ago, Andrew and I spent Katheryn's birthday with her and some friends and family.  We started the night off at Ousie's Table.  The atmosphere was perfect and the food was to DIE for! I had shrimp and grits (OMG, so good!) and plenty of yummi pinot noir.  Her birthday cake was a carrot cake.  MMMMM mmmm! My favorite!  We left there and headed to The Vineyard, a lovely wine bar in the Sugar Land area.  We all enjoyed many delicious bottles of wine. From there, the ones of us who were still standing went to Olive's Martini Bar.  It was a nice atmosphere and I went from wine to Lemon Drop Martini's and some incredibly sour drink.  I still can't remember what it was called, but boy, was it sour!

It was a nice relaxing fun evening that I think we all needed. No worries, we all stayed at the Marriott in Sugar   Land...only a 2 minute walk from where all the craziness was going down.   ;-)

Allie and I finally got together to cook and have some wine and girl time.  We decided to make turkey burgers and sweet potato fries.  Actually, they were Yam fries, but who is worried about it? LOL  We had plenty of time to catch up, cook, enjoy a fantastic bottle of wine and giggle and gossip.  It was tons of fun!

Just in case you were wondering, Bailey is still cute. And it's STILL the only thing that saves him some days! LOL

Tuesday evening, I met my parents for dinner in Clear Lake before my nephew's CHAMPIONSHIP competitive basketball game.  It was a hard fought game and he did amazing and in the end.... THEY WON!! WHOOO! Congrats, Greg! 

This evening, Andrews parents were gracious enough to take me to dinner and it was great and a fun time.  When I got home, I noticed a package on the porch.  It was a wedding present! From Allie's parents and her brother.  It's a Kate Spade mini vase and I just happened to have a few fresh flowers to place in it.  Isn't it too cute!? I love it!! 

Once again, I will try to be better about keeping you guys updated! 

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